Welcome to your Spiritual Journey

So, here you are! Welcome to your spiritual awakening. This may have come as a shock or a surprise… one day you were living your life, something sent you down a rabbit hole or triggered an “aha” moment, and now here you are! Becoming aware more and more each day of who you truly are and what this world really is. Don’t worry, my friend, you’re in good hands. Many have walked this path before, and many are walking next to you that you cannot even see. We are all steadily traveling down this journey of ascension, growing with each lesson and experience, and where that takes us is a mysterious unknown!

However you got here, and whoever you may be, welcome to the party! It’s not an easy ride, but that’s why you have a whole team with you. Now see, you didn’t come into this world alone. Oh no, quite the opposite. Your unique soul is imprinted with a whole squad of angels, higher dimensional beings, ancestors, and ascended masters waiting on you to call on them for support and guidance. And don’t worry, they will always show up! When you’re ready to ask for help, help arrives. When you’re ready to ask for more, you will be opened by the Universe and your surroundings. Nothing will ever show up in your life that you’re not ready for. So don’t worry, you’re exactly where you need to be at this very moment. And wow, I’m proud of you.

First things first, let’s get grounded. Let’s take a deep breath and appreciate the joy of being human on this wonderful planet. If you’re anything like me, fitting in here can almost feel unnatural, like a real challenge. When love is our true nature, being forced to conform into a world that feels lacking in it occasionally can be daunting. But your soul chose to be here. Your soul chose this very journey, with all the ups and downs and fabulous lessons to learn. The beauty of this experience is mixed with the pain, and that is the human experience. The lessons and insights gained through this process are the most valuable and multi-faceted, and that’s why your soul chose to be here at this particular moment. 

Exactly, at this particular moment. You didn’t incarnate here at this time just for nothing. You came here with a special mission. And that includes becoming all that you are, aka remembering who you are. When you remember, you can guide others into their own remembering. You can be a way-shower and a light, transmuting the darkness within you and within the world, and that mission is embedded into your soul. However you choose to do that is up to you, and I believe there is some beautiful way you’ll learn to do it that is completely your own. In the meantime, our mission is to grow, feel, heal, and remember. Remember our essence and come back to our core truth and reality: unconditional love. Feel the love radiating from my heart to yours, even sent through these words you’re reading. You didn’t get here by chance. You were guided here. To the beginning of a new chapter and a new journey, one where you are never alone. We never truly were. We are always together and always connected, and when we remember that nothing can break us. Welcome to the family. We honor you, we respect you and offer you to step into your bigness. You’re not just any soul. Welcome home. 

Published by Ilona Vaida

I'm a singer/songwriter and spiritual being. I've been on this path my whole life it seems, but since 2016 things really started picking up and opening out for me. I've done years of healing, searching, and sorting through my being to be in a position to now shine a light ahead. I'm a Leo/Scorpio rising with a love for the sun and moon, dark and light of life, and all aspects in between.

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