The Power of Pure Consciousness: Meditation

Identification with the mind, believing that your thoughts define you, causes thoughts to become impulsive. Not being able to stop thinking is quite dreadful, but most of us do not realize this because almost everyone is suffering from it

Incessant mental noise prevents you from finding the realm of inner stillness that is necessary for patience, compassion, and presence. Identifying with your mind is crucial when making judgment and taking action. With this being said – your mind is only crucial in the scattered moments when used as a tool. The rest of the time, identifying with your mind creates a hazy screen of labels, images, words, judgements, and definitions that block all true relationship. 

Wow, I really sound like the know-it-all peanut gallery, don’t I? 

Quieting the mind to find yourself in a state of pure consciousness can be intimidating. As humans, we are constantly wrapped between multiple obligations. Responsibilities and stress are a part of the human condition, and while meditation is only a tool, the practice can transform physical peace while we transition into the beginning, middle, or end of our day. 

Okay? So how do I quiet the mind? 

We need something deeper than an occasional treat. Meditation is a fabulous place to start. Relaxation is not a luxury; it is a necessity in the 21st century. I’m obsessed with the news, the individual anchors, and feeling like a global citizen. Nevertheless, I have to escape this eccentric and horrific world at times (without alcohol, drugs or sex). Each of us are full of gratitude, joy, love for ourselves and others, and a bright golden light. Wouldn’t it be special to access, and fully embody those words? The words that we breathe into our bloodstream are mighty, and meditation is the only way I have found to drink water with words. 

Five minutes is all you need.

These minutes are about you and only you, how magnificent! Create your space. Light a candle, create comfortable lighting, brew some tea, even lay underneath your covers. I have taken my five minutes in the car or in the bathroom at work. A moment will come, make sure it resonates, and move through your journey. 

Where can I find meditations? 

I usually start my morning with Audible. Audible has renowned spiritual authors and teachers with recordings, and most are short. Apple podcasts also have a solid few, you may have to search for a bit though. YouTube has millions of options; it’s fun to find a guide who speaks your language, who becomes your go-to. Some recordings are simple – simple gratitude and joy. Others will offer a visual journey; standing in a field of wet grass surrounded by beautiful trees, leading you on a journey into a bright space, a chance to witness a younger self with wings and wisdom. There is quite literally something for everyone. Start or continue wherever is comfortable. 

Consider waking up and filling up a glass of water in a transparent cup. During your meditation, fill your cup with affirmations and positive reinforcement. After completing your journey, drink the glass of water. Become intimate with the experience of life and seek to live deeply. 

Here are a few resources to get started. 

The Starseed Network – we’ll be holding guided meditations for our community in the coming weeks and months. Join Saule Bukauskas, The Starseed Network founder, throughout these events. 

Audible – a place where the power of a spoken word is unleashed. 

The Omega Institute’s YouTube channel – offers a wide variety of Buddhist and Tonglen meditation. Options for beginners and all under five minutes. 

The Mindfulness Project – this application has 30 free tracks. The sessions must be downloaded, they cannot be streamed. 

Tara Brach – Tara’s application has hundreds of guided meditations, various styles, and a new session added each week. 

Calm – if you watch TV, you’ve probably heard of Calm. I love this app, it’s easy to navigate and offers meditation, natural background noise, and bedtime options. 

Dharma Seed – this application is incredible! There are thousands of guided meditations from teachers all over the world. 

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