The Power of Pure Consciousness: Meditation

Identification with the mind, believing that your thoughts define you, causes thoughts to become impulsive. Not being able to stop thinking is quite dreadful, but most of us do not realize this because almost everyone is suffering from it.  Incessant mental noise prevents you from finding the realm of inner stillness that is necessary forContinue reading “The Power of Pure Consciousness: Meditation”

Transactability in Relationships

Relationships are what make us human. Connection, communication, and community drive us because we are inherently social creatures. Whether we realize it or not we crave and need other humans. No matter how much of a lone wolf you are (and trust me, I’ve been there) relationships with others serve to ground us, reflect usContinue reading “Transactability in Relationships”

Hookups: Yea or Nay?

To the ripped Texan who understood my body immediately, the Floridian whose energy rippled the room, and the middle-aged real estate agent with unique art and an even more impressive perspective, I wish I knew more about you. I reminisce about the idea that we could have been something fruitful. Humans have stories, pain, andContinue reading “Hookups: Yea or Nay?”

Starting my Spiritual Journey

Foundation, birth, emergence, a new beginning. Feeling green to any new topic, idea, or manifestation is challenging. As humans, we strive to be intellectual about anything we are drawn to. This sense of excitement was something that came later down the line during my spiritual journey. At first, I felt a sense of urgency.  MyContinue reading “Starting my Spiritual Journey”

What is a Soulmate?

A bond you feel with someone that transcends all meaning of time and reality… a magnetic pull that draws you deeper within yourself and deeper into feeling all the facets of love in yourself and others. It brings you deep into your depths, forces you to confront your own shadows and past patterns, urges youContinue reading “What is a Soulmate?”

Welcome to your Spiritual Journey

So, here you are! Welcome to your spiritual awakening. This may have come as a shock or a surprise… one day you were living your life, something sent you down a rabbit hole or triggered an “aha” moment, and now here you are! Becoming aware more and more each day of who you truly areContinue reading “Welcome to your Spiritual Journey”