Spilling the Tea: The Health Benefits of Herbal Brews

I was born in England, and thanks to the stereotype that the British have adopted, I have naturally developed an intense liking for tea. Tea, in my humble opinion, is the answer to everything. Feeling sad? I’ll pop the kettle on! Accomplished a lifelong goal? Let’s celebrate with a cuppa’.Although a good cup of teaContinue reading “Spilling the Tea: The Health Benefits of Herbal Brews”

Mindful Eating: Breaking the Cycle

Hello Fellow Earthlings,  Recently, I’ve been thinking about how I’ve always been disconnected from my body, and how my  relationship with food has always been a rocky one. Since the early days of my human life, I’ve treated food like my soulmate in the saddest of circumstances, and a best chum’ that I can alwaysContinue reading “Mindful Eating: Breaking the Cycle”