Welcome, beautiful being, to our community and family! On the path of spiritual awakening, we pass through many stages, some that can bring us through the darkest of nights and loneliest of days. Created by a group of soul friends from around the world and living different experiences, we are able to provide insight from many different perspectives and cultural backgrounds. Looking at your spiritual awakening holistically: mind, body, soul, and community, we can learn together how to navigate the world as multidimensional beings.

As star seeds, light workers, and empaths, we are here to shine a light and guide the world through the process of ascension. This movement gains momentum every time we choose love, and amplifies with every shared experience of this new reality. When we come together in community with a shared intention, we grow the momentum and the planting of a new paradigm. Come as you are, bring your knowledge and insight, and together we can grow and elevate the world!

These are our Core Beliefs and Community Guidelines:

  • everyone’s spiritual journey is unique
  • we encourage diversity and appreciation of every point of view
  • there is no linear process for spiritually awakening
  • everyone creates their own path, we are only here to humbly offer resources that may guide or trigger awakenings in you
  • there are no qualifications to join, only a curiosity and desire for a spiritual path
  • we promote creativity, sharing art and reflections, and showcasing your unique talents
  • we create and maintain an atmosphere of openness and acceptance
  • everyone is welcome to share and participate in the cultivation of this loving space

What People Say

“Starseed has helped me propel my spirituality from a little seed in my third eye, to something I live and breath every day.”

Linda, Wales

“I love the warmth of this community and being able to make friends from around the world who are interested in the same stuff as me”

Rachel, Phoenix

“Being a part of something like this is super exciting! I can’t wait to see how much it grows”

Malwina, Berlin

Are you ready to join the movement?