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Our mission is to connect and provide resources for people on their spiritual journey. Whether you are beginning now or have been on this path for ages, what matters is that you don’t have to do it alone.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide community, resources, and connection for everyone on this journey of ascension. All practices and modalities are welcome here. We celebrate diversity and everyone’s unique perspective. This path is full of ups and downs, and that’s when a little help from your soul friends comes in handy!

What we Offer

Join our community

Join our online community on Mighty Networks to take part in lively discussions, share your story, and receive guidance and support from your peers. Among many perks, resources and unique events, you have the chance to share your work and connect to other spiritual people and service providers.

Hosting unique events

Showcase your talents! Join a weekly live meditation! Meet and interact with other like-minded people. We are hosting mixers, parties, healing circles and many other exciting events that you have exclusive access to through our online portal.

Providing resources

Gain access to resources and information that are not available on the worldwide web or mainstream media. Gain valuable insights and personal guidance from people walking the same path as you.


What People Say

“Starseed has helped me propel my spirituality from a little seed in my third eye, to something I live and breath every day.”

Linda, Wales

“I love the warmth of this community and being able to make friends from around the world who are interested in the same stuff as me”

Rachel, Phoenix


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  • Transactability in Relationships
    Relationships are what make us human. Connection, communication, and community drive us because we are inherently social creatures. Whether we realize it or not we crave and need other humans. No matter how much of a lone wolf you are (and trust me, I’ve been there) relationships with others serve to ground us, reflect usContinue reading “Transactability in Relationships”
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    To the ripped Texan who understood my body immediately, the Floridian whose energy rippled the room, and the middle-aged real estate agent with unique art and an even more impressive perspective, I wish I knew more about you. I reminisce about the idea that we could have been something fruitful. Humans have stories, pain, andContinue reading “Hookups: Yea or Nay?”